OPSMEN EARMOR M51 PTT Adapter Airsoft Tactical Headset PTT Adapter Earphone Accessories


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OPSMEN EARMOR M51 PTT Adapter Airsoft Tactical Headset  PTT Adapter Earphone Accessories
Product Name:

- PTT Adapter

Using a push to talk adapter is an important tool to activate your voice input to talk on radio devices. This PTT has a heavy duty clip so you can easily attach this on your gear or clothes. Put the PTT in an accessible place to press the system in the time of need. Make sure you choose the right push to talk adapter for your radio system with the OPSMEN Tactical PTT series.


- Button activated push-to-talk (ptt) for easy communication

- Heavy-duty clip can be secured onto your belt

- High strength polymer construction

- Also available in motorola talkabout, motorola double pin, icom and 3.5mm aux

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1 x 1pcs PTT Adapter (No included other products )

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