Headset Bracket for Mark3 Only

Attached a replaceable bracket is designed to be installed on the helmet rail for the convenience of users. In addition, equipped with the new helmet rail mount kit (M16). The back-turning 360° rotatable structure and modular design also can be equipped with the ARC rail as new way of wearing, which improves the expansion of the helmet rail.
- Only for Military Headset : M32X-Mark3 MilPro / M31X-Mark3 MilPro / M32-Mark3 MilPro / M31-Mark3 MilPro / M31N-Mark3 MilPro / M32N-Mark3 MilPro / M31H-Mark3 MilPro / M32H-Mark3 MilPro Military Headset
- For ARC Helmet Rails (Ops-Core FAST MT)
Special attention:
Not applicable to headphone product number: M32H / M31H / M32 / M31 MOD3 Headsets
Please confirm the model of your tactical headset before purchasing